Something Amiss

Down Time: Myrdin?

(did i do this right, yo?)

3 days time, he travels to his trainers last known location. As he climbs the trail to her humble abode, he notices something is wrong. The maid is gone, it looks decrepit, as he enters, he notices the place has been ransacked. He instant heads towards the back room, where she last laid.
And there she was.
Sword in hand,
lying on the floor,
next to another corpse.
stab wounds upon further inspection are revealed on the other corpse, while upon her’s seems to be internal bleeding, rotten flesh, dried foam in the mouth, hardened, eyes wide open, with a face of agony.
Pain swelling in his heart, Myrdin losing control, screams out
“Why? Why did you up’n’die right as I’m trying to save you?!”
falling to his knees, he cries over the body of his former trainer in the arts of shadowdancey.
After half an hour of endless tears, he looks at her agonized face. Taking his gloves off, rolls his fingers over her face closing bloodshot dried eyes, removing the foam closing her mouth, and relaxing her face to make it more peaceful.
“Irori…. I do not worship you, and have not prayed to you but i fight along side one of your chosen champions… From what i’ve seen, you seem to take souls and give them a place of peace and harmony to be in… I’d like you to perhaps save the soul of my mentor, and save her…. And Cayden Ceilean, if you’re listening, please give me a pint whilest i give her a proper burial.” And with that, he looks at the other corpse, Looking, seeing a Norgorber emblem, enraged, drawing his rapier slicing his clothes to shred occcasionally slicing into his cold dead skin. Dragging him out side of the estate, throwing him down the cliff side of the mountain where the trail meets the house falling into a river bed 300 yrds down from which Myrdin threw him.
Returning to the house, carries his mentor into the bed, handing her the sword placing it on her chest.
“I’ll come back after a pint. I need a few, you understand, right? You were my only-….. I’ll be back.”
Walking into town using the rest of his money for supplies, alcohol (actually decent) and hired sewnstress, he comes back. with the banner and the emblems the sewnstress sows a beautiful body wrap with the tathered banner and emblems and is dismissed. Building a cremation stand as the sewnstress does her job (next day now day 4)
Not sleeping at all, drinking, mourning, pouring for both his and his mentor’s mugs over and over again overflowing hers and endlessly carelessly drinking his own, telling his corpse all the stories of the adventure he’s been on so far, and the people he’s met.
“This rap for your body, is proof of my adventure. And hopefully, you could forgive me for leaving you in your last moments. I tried to get an outside source to save you but i couldn’t…. I’m sor-” choking up on his words he wraps her in the emblem covered wrap and carries her body to the cremations stand. Placing sword on top of her, throws the torch on the stand, kneels continuing to sob and weep, mourning for his first true friend, mother figure, and love.
Long after the flames die (Morning of day 5*) before dawn, the sobbing and weeping cease and he gathers her ashes into a jar and brings it inside, next to his own bed places her, and passes out on the bed.
(day 6*) 24 hours pass, and it is dawn again. Myrdin, remembering what he was told by Bolag, decided to keep his promise to his mentor, and to become a Man in her eyes. He grabs his cap, puts on his gloves and heads out the door, broken inside over the discovery of his loss, heads out to the exact place where his adventure began. The Tavern.

Grabbing a pint and money saved by scamming the poor folks he bartered and did business with, he approaches the Tavern, hearing the loud tunes of songs and loudmouth drunkards he once called crewmen he barges open the door and yells

“How bout a few pints fer ya ol’ phant’m aye mates?”
silence fills the room
“What’s the buggard look, chaps?”
The old captain stands up, places a hand on his shoulder and in a calm sorrowful voice
“Yer ol’ dueller partner….. he….. well i assume ya know, seein’ ‘ow he ain’t ‘ere…. abandoned us for some live in the pines for some yellerbelly prostitute…. ’ee ol’ boy fell in love they said… Glad yer back lad.”
confused by the news he fumbles with his words but gets out
“Oh, i’m not back fellas, yer all comin’ with me te serve the navy!”
The captain turns from sorrow to confusion as well,
“Navy? What bloke do you smoke? we’re pirates, ain’t none navy want ta deal with us. We’re the scum of the earth ta them!”
the chef walks up “yeh, why would we even join anyway?”
“Well chaps, ya see. We aren’t evil men, we don’t plunder and pillage boats out there ONLY because it’s fun, but because we need a livin’. So, if ya work as a navy, it’ll be legal to plunder and pillage the other factions under my command, just don’t murderously slaughter all on the ship like we use to.”
some are nodding their heads and talking about it, the captain however speaks
“I never knew ya ta be a liar, but how do i know ya aint lyin’ ta me, us, yer ol’ family?”
“Because” myrdin gets on a table standing strong and confident, “I’ve been apointed by the ambassador recently turned king, for helping his conquest as being rewarded the title ‘Admiral’”
they all awe and gasp and stunned in amazement, the crowd starts talking the captain turning to the crowd
“Hmm” turning back “so you’d be my boss is that right?”
getting down from the table, he says to the captain
“yes but ya’d get yer own ship n’ crew as yer my first recruits and me ol’ family. now ya wont have to starve fer the scraps. I’ll be back just think about it alright chaps?”
walking out he heads towards the citadel, grabs a blank book and heads towards many bars and taverns to gain more recruits, young strapping marines if you will. Talking to Bolog’s guards he comes to an open bank along the sea with an open field where he decides to build a harbor to put his navy. telling the guards bolog will cover the costs, the guards sends out for many workers to start on the naval keep. running around all over the place getting recruits and starting up a navy, myrdin heads back to the tavern where he found his old ship mates.
All of them agreed to be a part of the navy.
he heads to the other bars and grabs more and more recruits. after the book is nearly filled up with enlisted recruits he marches them down to the camp to the completed keep (this is day 9*) surprised at the speed of the construction, instructs the men to fall in line, and 4 by 4, the men are set up in tents that their crews are made up in by 6 by 6 tent squares making up many crews for ships. and for the rest of the time being Myrdin ran drills instructed new recruits and corrected the pirate-y ways of his old family into fine navy officers. 6 ships were constructed 5 ships are on standby and 1 ship active on patrol missions of the fishing waters. (At the end of the down time myrdin will be at Bologs castle filling paper work in bologs library)


She died!!!! ): ): ): I can’t believe it.

Down Time: Myrdin?

You gain the Leadership feat.—-final

Down Time: Myrdin?
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