Dolgrin Redbeard

Sacred Fist of Irori and Luminarch of Illistrade


Dolgrin Redbeard is a 4’10" Dwarf of a heavy build. Through years of training his body and mind to become as perfect as possbile, (In order to honor his god, Irori.) Dolgrin has achieved a solid body and incredible amount of Wisdom about the world and its workings.


Dolgrin was raised in the city of Moria. His parents, Moira and Falstad Redbeard, were two loving parents, as well as excellent ones, that raised him to fend for himself and make his mark on the world. Leaving home at the age of 20, Dolgrin chose to undergo the righteous sacrament and become a priest in order to become closer to his god, Irori. After training for five years under Father Jerza, Dolgrin set out in the world as a Warpriest, going on many adventures and spreading the word and teachings of Irori. Fifteen years came and went, and Dolgrin decided it was high time for him to settle down and retire in the town of Weathertop, where his journey begins.

Dolgrin Redbeard

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