Something Amiss

Downtime: Ciardis
I did it this time!! Happy? (:

Ciardis felt lost among her group of comrades. She wasn’t like them. She needed to find more of her people… Changelings. She was very thankful to be given the position as Head of Spies under Bolag. Using this position, she might be able to find more people like her to work with. Being a spy would come easily for Ciardis. She could change her appearance at will to look like anyone to get information. The only problem she had was being good at lying to get the information she wanted. She knew of a man who could teach her great things about lying who lived in Ihyll. She hadn’t been there since she began her journey, but she knew it was time to head back.

She left her comrades and began her journey to Narowfell. She made sure to stop by the King of Blades stables to retrieve her horse, Starfall. The ride was an uneventful 2 days. The closer she got, the colder it became. She had forgotten how cold it could be after her journey.

As she rode into town, people were looking at her funny. She didn’t realize why until later. Apparently, people still remembered her as being an extremely good partner in bed. She entered the castle and made her way to the dungeon living quarters. She stood in front of the professors door. She wasn’t sure she wanted to enter. She was never all that good at his class. Before she could knock, Professor Svoboda opened the door.

He looked slightly surprised. “Ciardis? Why have you returned to our school? You graduated at the top of your class didn’t you? Come in my office and we will talk.”

“Hello Professor. I have come asking a favor. I was never good in your class. You know it and as much as I hate to admit it, I know it. I was given a very important position by King Bolag himself. This job puts me in a position where I would have to lie frequently to get information. That was never my strong suit. I have some money and would be willing to pay you for your troubles.”

The whole time Ciardis was talking, she noticed that he was looking her up and down. She squirmed in her chair after she finished talking. She wasn’t sure what he would say.

“I can help you, but it is not money that I want. I heard you were very good at “other activities” if you know what I mean."

That was when it hit Ciardis. That was why people were staring at her. People must have been talking about her time she spent with that man at the brothel and in his home. He was murdered. How could people not be talking about it.

“I won’t deny that I am, but I am not willing to offer that. I have come to learn about Irori. Irori has shown me better ways than sex.”

Ciardis stood up in defeat. She would have to search elsewhere for a mentor. Before she reached the door, the Professor called out her name.

“Fine, I will be willing to take money just to look at your beautiful face.”

She spent the next couple of days working solely with Svoboda. They barely left the office to eat and sleep. By the end of their time together, her bluffing skills were much stronger.

“Thank you Svoboda. I hope we will meet again someday.”

“As do I Ciardis, as do I.”

Ciardis payed him 250 gold and left Narowfell for her new city state in Illistrad. She was very excited to be given her own place to be in charge of. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to start helping changelings just like the preacher who saved her all those years ago. She could gather them and have them work together as a network of spies. They would have a safe place to live in her city state. The first thing she had to do as Govenor, was name her new city state. She had he perfect name… Varian; meaning changeable. The buildings and houses may sit empty now, but she knew in the future, they would be full of people, changelings.

Ciardis spent the next few days tracking down the one person she knew who could help her on her mission to find more changelings. The preacher had visited with this woman many times when she traveled with him. Ciardis finally found her on the outskirts of Dymun.

Ciardis walked up to her and stated, “As the winds blow…”

“The seasons change,” the woman finished as she turned around smiling. “Ciardis! I haven’t seen you since you were a young child.” She grabbed Ciardis in a hug.

“Hello Lemjeim. I have come to you for help. I want to carry on and give other people like me and you a safe place to live. I was given my own city state by King Bolag himself. I named it Varian.”

Lemjeim chuckled. “Clever name, girl. How can I help you? I have been seeking a place like that for a long time. I will help you any way I can.”

Ciardis smiled. With Lemjeim’s help, she knew Varian would be full of people in no time. She told Lemjeim how she was given the position as Head of the Spies. She asked her to be her right hand woman. Lemjeim accepted without hesitation. Lemjeim embraced Ciardis once more before she left on her journey to gather more changelings.

Ciardis made her way back to Bolag’s castle to meet with her fellow comrades. For the the first time, in a long time, she was truly happy.

Down Time: Myrdin?
(did i do this right, yo?)

3 days time, he travels to his trainers last known location. As he climbs the trail to her humble abode, he notices something is wrong. The maid is gone, it looks decrepit, as he enters, he notices the place has been ransacked. He instant heads towards the back room, where she last laid.
And there she was.
Sword in hand,
lying on the floor,
next to another corpse.
stab wounds upon further inspection are revealed on the other corpse, while upon her’s seems to be internal bleeding, rotten flesh, dried foam in the mouth, hardened, eyes wide open, with a face of agony.
Pain swelling in his heart, Myrdin losing control, screams out
“Why? Why did you up’n’die right as I’m trying to save you?!”
falling to his knees, he cries over the body of his former trainer in the arts of shadowdancey.
After half an hour of endless tears, he looks at her agonized face. Taking his gloves off, rolls his fingers over her face closing bloodshot dried eyes, removing the foam closing her mouth, and relaxing her face to make it more peaceful.
“Irori…. I do not worship you, and have not prayed to you but i fight along side one of your chosen champions… From what i’ve seen, you seem to take souls and give them a place of peace and harmony to be in… I’d like you to perhaps save the soul of my mentor, and save her…. And Cayden Ceilean, if you’re listening, please give me a pint whilest i give her a proper burial.” And with that, he looks at the other corpse, Looking, seeing a Norgorber emblem, enraged, drawing his rapier slicing his clothes to shred occcasionally slicing into his cold dead skin. Dragging him out side of the estate, throwing him down the cliff side of the mountain where the trail meets the house falling into a river bed 300 yrds down from which Myrdin threw him.
Returning to the house, carries his mentor into the bed, handing her the sword placing it on her chest.
“I’ll come back after a pint. I need a few, you understand, right? You were my only-….. I’ll be back.”
Walking into town using the rest of his money for supplies, alcohol (actually decent) and hired sewnstress, he comes back. with the banner and the emblems the sewnstress sows a beautiful body wrap with the tathered banner and emblems and is dismissed. Building a cremation stand as the sewnstress does her job (next day now day 4)
Not sleeping at all, drinking, mourning, pouring for both his and his mentor’s mugs over and over again overflowing hers and endlessly carelessly drinking his own, telling his corpse all the stories of the adventure he’s been on so far, and the people he’s met.
“This rap for your body, is proof of my adventure. And hopefully, you could forgive me for leaving you in your last moments. I tried to get an outside source to save you but i couldn’t…. I’m sor-” choking up on his words he wraps her in the emblem covered wrap and carries her body to the cremations stand. Placing sword on top of her, throws the torch on the stand, kneels continuing to sob and weep, mourning for his first true friend, mother figure, and love.
Long after the flames die (Morning of day 5*) before dawn, the sobbing and weeping cease and he gathers her ashes into a jar and brings it inside, next to his own bed places her, and passes out on the bed.
(day 6*) 24 hours pass, and it is dawn again. Myrdin, remembering what he was told by Bolag, decided to keep his promise to his mentor, and to become a Man in her eyes. He grabs his cap, puts on his gloves and heads out the door, broken inside over the discovery of his loss, heads out to the exact place where his adventure began. The Tavern.

Grabbing a pint and money saved by scamming the poor folks he bartered and did business with, he approaches the Tavern, hearing the loud tunes of songs and loudmouth drunkards he once called crewmen he barges open the door and yells

“How bout a few pints fer ya ol’ phant’m aye mates?”
silence fills the room
“What’s the buggard look, chaps?”
The old captain stands up, places a hand on his shoulder and in a calm sorrowful voice
“Yer ol’ dueller partner….. he….. well i assume ya know, seein’ ‘ow he ain’t ‘ere…. abandoned us for some live in the pines for some yellerbelly prostitute…. ’ee ol’ boy fell in love they said… Glad yer back lad.”
confused by the news he fumbles with his words but gets out
“Oh, i’m not back fellas, yer all comin’ with me te serve the navy!”
The captain turns from sorrow to confusion as well,
“Navy? What bloke do you smoke? we’re pirates, ain’t none navy want ta deal with us. We’re the scum of the earth ta them!”
the chef walks up “yeh, why would we even join anyway?”
“Well chaps, ya see. We aren’t evil men, we don’t plunder and pillage boats out there ONLY because it’s fun, but because we need a livin’. So, if ya work as a navy, it’ll be legal to plunder and pillage the other factions under my command, just don’t murderously slaughter all on the ship like we use to.”
some are nodding their heads and talking about it, the captain however speaks
“I never knew ya ta be a liar, but how do i know ya aint lyin’ ta me, us, yer ol’ family?”
“Because” myrdin gets on a table standing strong and confident, “I’ve been apointed by the ambassador recently turned king, for helping his conquest as being rewarded the title ‘Admiral’”
they all awe and gasp and stunned in amazement, the crowd starts talking the captain turning to the crowd
“Hmm” turning back “so you’d be my boss is that right?”
getting down from the table, he says to the captain
“yes but ya’d get yer own ship n’ crew as yer my first recruits and me ol’ family. now ya wont have to starve fer the scraps. I’ll be back just think about it alright chaps?”
walking out he heads towards the citadel, grabs a blank book and heads towards many bars and taverns to gain more recruits, young strapping marines if you will. Talking to Bolog’s guards he comes to an open bank along the sea with an open field where he decides to build a harbor to put his navy. telling the guards bolog will cover the costs, the guards sends out for many workers to start on the naval keep. running around all over the place getting recruits and starting up a navy, myrdin heads back to the tavern where he found his old ship mates.
All of them agreed to be a part of the navy.
he heads to the other bars and grabs more and more recruits. after the book is nearly filled up with enlisted recruits he marches them down to the camp to the completed keep (this is day 9*) surprised at the speed of the construction, instructs the men to fall in line, and 4 by 4, the men are set up in tents that their crews are made up in by 6 by 6 tent squares making up many crews for ships. and for the rest of the time being Myrdin ran drills instructed new recruits and corrected the pirate-y ways of his old family into fine navy officers. 6 ships were constructed 5 ships are on standby and 1 ship active on patrol missions of the fishing waters. (At the end of the down time myrdin will be at Bologs castle filling paper work in bologs library)

So your second adventure comes to a close!
What's Next?

Firstly, you all defeated the leader of an organized thieves guild worshiping a murdering god. That was back in Loran. Then you put priority on destroying the reign of Morwing, the evil dictator residing in Illistrade.

At this point, you have several more adventures ahead of you. Whether you choose to save the remaining survivors of Hintertomb and defeat the undead scourge, or go to the land of Forgin to seek the mystic forge and defeat the fabled Watchdog, I’m sure you’ll do fantastic.

Just remember, everything is part of one whole. What you choose to do will affect the future accordingly.

Chale's Memory, entered by Dolgrin
The Endless Torment

As Dolgrin enter’s the mind of Chale, he appears to be seeing through Chale’s vision. Chale is having a flashback of the attack at the Olgin Capitol. Chale watches as Serena raped in front of him, children and women are being executed, and the remaining soldiers are being stripped and whipped. Chale is tied to a large tree, bleeding profusely and on the brink of death. He continues watching, and crying, as Serena screams in pain and eventually her throat is slit. Her body is discarded among the wreckage and a man goes to Chale and presses a knife against his throat. Chale screams out, and time is stopped. Chale rips his bonds, and runs as fast as he can to his horse. He touches the horse, and it comes to life. He slumps over the horse, and is steering it to the path that leads to Zanzibar.

Everything fades to black. Another memory occurs. Chale is looking up at the sky, and laying down in a pile of ash. He looks around and it seems as though Bolag’s castle is in ruins. Chale has come to the same place as Shirou. He looks at the same clipping that says 334, August, 24th. Cale looks back up, and is crushed by a golem.

Chale awakens, and Dolgrin is thrusted out of his mind. Dolgrin causes him to sleep once again.

Dolgrin's Ideal
Construction Day
  • Dolgrin would like to spend his time shaping the Walker castle into the first Cathedral of Irori, using his magic in order to do so. This will basically take up the entire day, which is exactly what Dolgrin wants to do. Before the shaping of the Cathedral begins, Dolgrin would like to approach the Walker soldiers as they calm down from their hallucinations, and inform them of the state of the war. He would like to preach to them that they are safe from harm thanks to King Bolag, and that they would find peace and comfort in the teachings of Irori should they wish to forsake their military life. He would then ask the soldiers to help him in the formation of his Cathedral by gathering him holy materials, such as Water, Drapes, Candles, Goblets, etc, etc.

The finished Cathedral will look like this:

  • The statue of Jesus and other things will obviously be replaced by statues representing Irori and his teachings.


So, what happened to that guy Morwing?
The Tale of the End

Chale, Burn, and Shirou head to Weathertop to inform the weaponsmaster that Dolgrin will not be returning any time soon. He is caught up in the war between the Walkers and the Olgin. The weaponsmaster bids them farewell and good luck on their travels. Chale informs Shirou that he’s not an ordinary rogue. Chale can control time. Once they buy what they need, they head to Stepford in Ihyll. During this stop, Shirou decides to buy a shortsword to keep. However, as he exits, he sees that the city is under siege. The offenders are wearing Yhar-Gul garb. Chale and Burn rush to Shirou, and tells him they need to get back to their carriage. However, they are intercepted by three members of Yhar-Gul. Chale gets injured, along with Shirou, but Burn is obliterated by Elemental Blast. Chale lets out a scream, and starts crying. He has seen his love Serena be killed by the Walkers, he has seen his entire Olgin squadron be slaughtered in a surprise attack, and now he has seen his companion Burn disintegrated right before his eyes. In his time of mourning and loss of sanity, time itself is stopped. Shirou notices the enemies are frozen in place, and Chale is crying in the snow. Shirou looks down, and notices that the ground is no longer there. He is falling endlessly, and lands on a pile of ash.
The ash is everywhere, is seems as though everything is buried in ash. Shirou notices he’s in the ruins of what was Bolag’s Castle. He sees Olgin banners ripped and covered in ash. The walls are crumbled, and decomposed bodies lay in the crumbled streets. Shirou looks out to the landscape, and notices that it’s completely barren. Nothing but ground and ash blowing in the wind. The sky is cloudy and foggy. Shirou heads inside the remains of Bolag’s throne room. There, he finds a clipping of a news article. It’s completely indecipherable text, but he is able to make out the date: 334, August, 24th. This is 3 months ahead of the current date. It seems Chale has accidentally send Shirou through a time portal. Shirou exits the castle remains, and looks out to the landscape once again. A large golem is outside now, and it seems completely artificial. This golem has no life. It then stomps on Shirou, and his vision fades to black.

Bolag, Ciardis, Mirdin, John, and Dolgrin are on their way to intercept the squadron of Walkers, when they see another squadron heading East in the woods. They approach it, and realize it’s only a projection. The magic is being channeled by a wizard in the back of the group with a shining staff (one of which the group forgets about and never tries to search for, good job guys!). The wizard is somehow projecting their progress on a different route to deter people from intercepting them. However, the group watches as men in the front lines are being knocked down, and they hear about 3 or 4 roars. Another roar occurs, and they see the wizard being tackled, and the projection is lost.

The group continues along their previous path, and they end up out of the forest. They are back in the plains-land, and they notice a large sum of bodies near a tree about 120 feet ahead. They rush to the bodies, and inspect the corpses. Most of them have missing limbs, or organs. A man is impaled in the tree by another man’s femur bone, and in his chest is carved “Remember Arbor”. Bolag recognizes that Arbor is an orc from his own past, one that actually surpassed him in wrestling. They see two different sets of tracks, one set is heading towards the Walker Capitol and one set is heading towards Bolag’s Castle. Dolgrin takes the femur, and blesses it. They hear a whining on the other side of the tree, and decide to inspect it. As they look behind it, they find a suspicious looking female, moaning while eating a large green apple. She looks up, and tells them, “This is literally the best apple I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Would you like to try some?” Dolgrin accepts, but Bolag pushes his hand away. Bolag asks who she is, and she replies “Ever heard of a girl named ”/wikis/Amie%20Grimm/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Amie Grimm?" Ciardis tells the group the tale of Amie.
Ciardis also eats one of the apples, and starts tripping hardcore. Dolgrin also starts tripping, and sees many seductive Amies trying to disrobe him. Bolag initiates combat, and Dolgrin opens a large hole in the ground. However, they hear moaning coming from the hole. They peer over the hole, and find Shirou, bruised but alive. Shirou explains what happened, and Amie chuckles. The group decides to press onward towards the capitol, and Amie would like to follow. Bolag beats her into a bloody pulp, and kills her. Her body materializes out of another apple, however. “Sorry boys, this is out of your power.” Bolag tells her to accompany John back to his castle, and she agrees.

The group arrives at the castle gates, and spots a large pale orc with scars all over his body. Bolag recognizes him as Arbor Grayskull and greets him. They storm the capitol and kill all of the guards. Ciardis cunningly destroys a rotunda, effectively killing three of the remaining soldiers. Arbor escorts the remaining slaves out of the capitol, and the group kills the rest of the men. Amie appears from the shadows, and gives the group apples to celebrate. Shirou eats an apple to quench his hunger, and the rest of the group camp out. Amie appears, and explains her affliction in further detail. Bolag flirts (NaT 20) and Amie wholeheartedly reciprocates (NaT 1). The group comes up with a plan to sabotage the entire city controlled by Morwing. They decided to take a barrel of apple juice from Amie’s hallucinogenic apples, and pour it into the main water supply. Amie gives Bolag another apple to keep if she doesn’t make it back.

She teleports to the castle via Ciardis, and they sneak to the water reservoir to insert the apple juice into. They are stopped by a giant orc guard, who politely asks “WHAT ARE YOU DOOOINGGGGGG?” Amie asks if he wants an apple, and charms this unintelligent beast into eating an apple. As he is distracted, they slip into the water supply housing. The men are running to and fro, frantically. Ciardis asks what’s wrong, and they say the water is all gone, and Morwing is going to kill them all. Amie propses “How about I pour this apple juice into the reservoir instead? That tastes better than water, and we can have a wizard duplicate the supply! How bout it?” The man agrees, and brings a very old and crusty wizard to try and duplicate the small amount of apple juice they decide to pour into the reservoir. His hands start to sparkle and the apple juice is growing in size, however this is only because Amie is actually throwing more apples in unseen and melting them to make more juice. The wizard exclaims “I did it! Maybe I can even kill Morwing now!” And he excitedly leaves the building, effectually sealing his death. Ciardis teleports back to the group since she cannot bring something back with her, and leaves Amie there. The group mourns her loss for a moment, before the apple in Bolag’s possession starts to vibrate, and her body materializes. She exclaims “GOT EM” before hugging Bolag.

Bolag ends up sleeping with her, and fucking her of course. Dolgrin sleeps with his pony Chubbs and a direwolf he summoned. The group then sleeps.

Shirou is awakened by someone touching his shoulder. It’s Amie. He asks what she needs, and she replies with “I only need you, Shirou.” She then starts to sexually advance towards him in the bed, and he gets up and says “What about Bolag? I can’t do this to my friend…” Amie replies “What about Bolag? He’s not in the picture. You are.” She continues to rub his crotch through his clothes, and he gets out of his cabin and enters Mirdin’s cabin. He gets behind a hungover and sleeping Mirdin and Amie now unzipped his pants and is stroking him. He gets back up, goes back in his tent, and faces the corner. She is now stroking him while he is calmly saying “Rape. Raape. Rape.” He rolls a NaT 20 to resist the will to have sex with her, but eventually he gives in. They have sex in his cabin.

Bolag awakes and finds Amie right beside him, just as she always was. He goes to make everyone breakfast, and makes Shirou a plate as well. He goes over to Shirou, and sees him with his hand on his dick and jizz covering his entire upper body. Bolag does not question, and instead just places his plate on his cum-covered chest. Everyone else wakes later, including Shirou. He looks at himself and changes his clothes. He walks to Bolag and apologizes, and says Amie came on to him. Amie looks at him skeptically and asks, “Didn’t you eat one of my apples earlier?” Shirou’s face turns into a frown as he realizes he just hallucinated everything, and basically raped himself. He had masturbated behind Mirdin in Mirdin’s own bed, gotten up, and started masturbating in the corner of his house, therefore creating a new sex position, and successfully rolled a Nat 20 to resist having sex with himself, which he eventually did anyway. Good on you, Shirou.

Bolag meets John outside and tells him to accompany them. John agrees, and then the group travels to the capitol. As they are within view of the castle, they hear slapping. They investigate the sounds, and they see a human male on all fours being penetrated by a large orc. “They won’t find us here Amie! Don’t worry!” The orc exclaims. “You’re right Amie, keep going!” replies the human. The group is then scarred for life, and continues to the castle. The magical forcefield is now gone, and the group enter the gates and finds that the place is deserted. The group heads up the streets to the castle grounds and Dolgrin is knocked over by something. It was Chale, who is unconscious and covered in ash. His hair, clothing, and even his face is all covered in ash. Dolgrin takes Chale’s body with him, and enters the throne room with the group. Everyone but Beth and John make the will save, and they are immediately sickened. The group checks the remaining doors, and Bolag checks the bedroom to the right. He goes to push open the curtains of the bed, and Morwing is there, completely naked. “Ahhh! AMIE! I knew you’d come back for me!” Bolag plays along, while the real Amie watches in the corner, laughing uncontrollably. Bolag states “That’s right, Morwing. Now get against the wall and spread that ass, I’ve got something kinky I wanna try.” Morwing wholeheartedly accepts, and gets against the wall. Bolag bullrushes straight into dat ass, and deals major damage. Morwing turns around and says “My god, you’re even rougher than before. I like it.” They take turns bull rushing each other, and Bolag eventually gets the last hit and kills Morwing. The war is one, and this tale is hopefully not going to spread through the land, unless Bolag wants to be known and the guy who bullrushed into Morwing’s asshole.

Bolag dedicates the castle grounds to Irori, Dolgrin’s god of worship. Dolgrin is now head of the church, and Bolag is now the true king of Illistrade.

Dolgrin goes inside Chale’s mind to find out what happened to him. An account of what happened can be read here.

The Story So Far
Short Summary of Occurrences

To make a long story short, lets keep this quick and jam out the details.

Sasaki Kojiro decides to travel to Zanzibar to find out more about Yhar-Gul. He is led by a mysterious man, and unlocks the password to the depths below, but is knocked unconscious. He is met by Demonbrandt. He accepts the mission to assassinate Bolag and Shirou Emiya.

Bolag and Shirou awake in a caravan. They kill their captors, and book it to Bolag’s castle. Bolag throws a party, and almost gets assassinated. Sasaki is also captured and interrogated by Bolag and Shirou. They all agree to go to Zanzibar to seek out the leader of Yhar-Gul.

Ciardis recently graduated from the witch’s academy, and eventually ends up being drugged and sleeps with some dude she doesn’t even know. She actually ends up meeting him again and staying with him for an entire week, just fucking him endlessly. However, she wakes up and finds him dead in the floorboards, and ends up booking it to Zanzibar with John to meet up with the group.

Bolag’s group stops at the Olgin capitol to meet up with Chale, Burn, and Serena, and is ambushed by a Walker brigade. After the battle, Sasaki sneaks away from the group, and once again falls unconscious. The rest of the group continues to Zanzibar, and eventually finds the door that leads into the Unseen Village. After hassling with the Old Man and breaking his curse, they are able to continue. They walk in and see Demonbrandt slitting Sasaki’s throat. They eventually defeat him, and his lackey. They return to the carriage where they find Chale almost dead, arriving by horse. He came to tell Bolag what has happened to the Olgin capitol.

The group then travels to the capitol, and sees that everyone is dead. They took survivors to the Walker capitol, but other than that, there are dead Olgin everywhere. Chale takes Burn and Shirou to go to Forgin, and the rest of the group travel to the Walker capitol in disguise. They gain information that another brigade is headed to Bolag’s castle, and is already half-way there. The group then decide to intercept them on horseback.


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