In this world of order and chaos, there seems to always be something amiss…

The country of Illistrade is in the middle of a war, rumors of the Watchdog and forge in Forgin are leaking, the King of Blades grows restless on his throne, and creatures are stirring in the isle of Hintertomb.

The question is, where will your destiny take you?

The mass of countries in this world have come to an agreement of naming the world, quite simply, “Heilon”.

Illistrade – A country of noble stature, that is, before Morwing rose to power, combining his efforts with that of his new faction, the Walkers. Combated by Bolag and his army of the Olgin, the country has turned into a warzone. Will either side emerge victorious, or will both sides see the destruction they have caused, and continue to fight endlessly?

Dymun – Easy-going and ruled by the witty and restless King of Blades, the castle-state of Uria has proved to be the place where entrepreneurs thrive. Dymun is widely regarded as the most wealthy country, and is where you could go to either spend a vacation, or all your hard-earned gold.

Ihyll – For eons, the continent of Ihyll has been shrouded in snow. Many consider this a curse, yet the inhabitants here consider it a blessing. In Ihyll, the famous castle-state Narofell resides, built entirely on solid ice. Narofell is the main attraction of Ihyll, as it houses many academies of soon-to-be heroes.

Forgin – A desolated land covered in lava and active volcanoes, only fools choose to actually live here. Whether they die by unknown causes, or the smoldering ash constantly in the air, not many live here for an extended amount of time. There are rumors leaking about a mystical forge that resides here, but none are brave enough, or foolish enough, to travel and find it.

Hintertomb – This land was a ground zero for a terrible experiment gone wrong. A group of 20 wizards obtained a mystical novel aptly named Necronomicon, and attempted to bring back the ancient hero Falcor. However, what they unleashed was far worse than anything they could have imagined. The entire country was devoured in an undead scourge, coupled with magical beings said to originate from the Deep Fire itself. The country was blown away off to sea, forever sealing the fate of all who stayed. No one is sure whether the scourge is still in effect, or whether there are survivors.

Loran – This country resides in sand, and mountainous regions. There is no ruler, no king, no democratic union, the only rulers are the mayors and citizens in the scattered cities of this desolate land. Trade is common, as there is no true form of currency, and the locals don’t really talk much due to them being secluded from the rest of the world. There is buzz coming from its capital Zanzibar, however…

Unnamed Isles – These isles reside in the opposite side of the world. It is said that the ancient race of Aboleth reside here, and have willingly brought ancient warriors to train them in magical warfare, yet they never return. Perhaps they are stirring an army of their own…

Something Amiss

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